1. Each It has a specific reason for buying a place in the Game of Tag. What are these reasons, and with which do you identify the most? Or do you find all of them foreign?
  2. In contrast, each Runner has a specific skill that will aid in the playing of the Game. What are these skills, and which one would you find most helpful? What skill do you have that would be a benefit if you had to play the Game?
  3. How do the parents of each Player influence the Game? Are they important to the decisions the Players make, or simply a side note? What about other adults involved in the story? Do they miss something they should be seeing and fixing, or are they simply pawns in this Game where the teenagers need to figure out their own strategies?
  4. Each Player deals with secondary characters throughout the day. Which of these characters do you find most influential in the Game? Which ones hampered the Players’ ability to succeed? Which one would you most like to have as a teammate?
  5. The city of Chicago becomes its own character in the book. What aspects of the city play a large role in the Game, and how would the story differ if it were set in another place?
  6. In contrast to dystopian novels, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, Tag, You’re Dead takes place in the here and now. Do you think it’s possible that such a Game could actually happen? Which aspects seem the most real to you? Which ones seem too far advanced? Do you find the technological or human aspects more realistic?
  7. Discuss the ways the Ref influences the Game. Do you think the Ref has a personal bias and influences action, or is the Game allowed to play out as it was set up to run?
  8. How is each Runner changed by the Game? Will it affect quality of life? The way they each live and think? How about the Its? What does this do to their lives moving forward?
  9. Imagine describing the Game to your friends and family after you played as a Runner. Would they believe you? Would they want to call the authorities? Would you want to forget about it, or would you relive it for others in order to deal with the aftereffects and stop any future Games?
  10. Discuss the Ref’s next move. Do you feel sympathy or revulsion for the Ref? Or something different? Where do you think the Ref will go next? Did the Ref learn anything from the Game, or will life simply go on as usual?